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You can use this form to report problems with rats or mice only
Please note that SWISCo will require £90+VAT payment in advance for this service

Are they within the boundary of your property? *

Are they on council land? *

Are they inside your property? *

You will need to contact a specialist Pest Control company as we are unable to provide a service if mice or rats are outside. You can contact SWISCo direct, however, there will be a charge tel 01803 701310.

If the Rats are on Private land it is the responsibility of the land owner to deal with the problem as Torbay council are unable to assist . You can enter the information below and submit your report. The Community Safety team do not routinely launch an investigation into every report which is made to them. Each case is assessed and prioritised based on a range of risk factors, so that resources are directly at the highest areas of risk. However, we do monitor all information given to us and use it to inform the wider concerns which may exist.