Torbay Council is responsible for maintaining the adopted highway network within Torbay. As the Highway authority we repair and investigate thousands of reports of defects such as potholes, overgrowth and broken slabs each year. You can use this form to report defects to us for investigation.

What are you reporting?

Tell us what kind of defect you are reporting. Defects are categorised by their area (for example 'carriageway problems') and their type (for example 'pothole'). Please be accurate when selecting the defect details.

Where is the defect?

We need to know where the defect is in order to investigate. If possible we would like you to show us the location on the map below.

You can either enter a street here to update the map, or if you don't know the name of the street you can mark the defect directly on the map and we will work it out for you.

Tell us the actual street or closest street to where the defect is located. You can also enter a full or partial postcode above. If we may need extra instructions to find the defect please enter them in the further information field.

Select the location: *Click on the map to mark the defect location as accurately as possible. A marker will be shown on the map.

You can zoom in and move the map around.

When you mark the defect on the map the location above will be automatically updated.

You can also enter the location directly to change the map

If you need to change the location then just click again where you want the new marker to be and it will be moved.


It would be helpful if you could describe the defect and how to find it at the location you've reported.

For example: The pothole is about 30cm across and 6cm deep. It is opposite no. 25 next to the parking meter.

Your details

We need your details so we can contact you if we need any further information about your report.


Data Protection

The information you have provided on this form will be used to deal with your request by the relevant department. We may pass your details on to contracted third party service providers. We will store a copy of your completed request as a backup for 12 months.

If you would like to know more about how we use your information and how you can exercise your information rights please see our privacy notice.