The English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark is a beautiful landscape of dramatic changes, of exploration, discovery and fun.

A Geopark is an area of globally recognised, unique geological interest designated by UNESCO. A place where you can touch a very special part of the Earth's story and be amazed by the extraordinary landscapes, mountains, coastlines, places and people.

Our Geopark, covering the entire area of Torbay, is naturally inspiring. It shares stories of a landscape untouched by glaciation unseen elsewhere in the world. Stories of tropical seas and scorching deserts, raised beaches and drowned forests, hippopotami and mammoth, straight-tusked elephant and sabre-toothed tiger, cave bear and earliest man...

If you wish to support the Geopark you can do so here. All money donated will be used within the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark to support the education, public awareness and community involvement as well as to support the UNESCO agreed aims for the area.