Please refer to the following page for information about which beaches permit dogs Dogs on beaches.

You should report any dangerous dogs to the police Devon & Cornwall Police. Call 999 in an emergency or 101 if this is not an emergency.

Please call the Community Protection team on 01803 208025.

Please contact the RSPCA.

Please call the Community Protection team on 01803 208025. For reports out of office hours (before 9am Monday to Friday, after 5pm Monday-Thursday, and after 4pm on Fridays) call 01803 550405.

If you wish to query/contest a dog fouling fine, you need to put your appeal in writing and address as follows: Chris Widdecombe C/O Town Hall Castle Circus Torquay TQ1 3DR

Fixed Penalty Notices for dog fouling are only served where there is clear evidence that the person in charge of the dog would not have picked up the dog faeces without the intervention of the dog warden/street warden.

Unfortunately, there is no right of appeal against the service of a Fixed Penalty Notice and the council can only consider withdrawing a fixed penalty in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to dispute the facts in relation to the service of the fixed penalty notice, you can allow the matter to proceed to court and make your case to the magistrate. You should be aware however, that you may incur more costs and a higher fine at Magistrates Court than the cost of the fixed penalty.