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Discretionary Housing Payment and Council Tax Support Exceptional Hardship Fund Application form

If the amount of Housing Benefit you receive is less than the amount you have to pay or you cannot afford to pay a deposit or rent in advance on a new property, you may be able to get help from the Discretionary Housing Payments fund.

If you are unable to pay your remaining amount of Council Tax after we have calculated your Council Tax Support then you may be able to get help from the Council Tax Support Exceptional Hardship Fund.

Although anyone in receipt of Council Tax Support can submit a claim you will be more likely to receive help if you are in one of the vulnerable groups below:
  • You are disabled
  • You have children
  • You are a carer
  • Have suffered domestic violence
  • You are a foster carer
  • You are a care leaver under 22
  • You have been in a hostel for at least 3 months
  • You are attending a rehabilitation programme for drug or alcohol dependency

An award can only be made if Council funds are available

The money for Discretionary Housing Payments and the Exceptional Hardship Fund comes from a limited fund and there is no automatic entitlement. Because the amount that the Council is able to pay each year is limited, not all applications will be successful. This means that we have to look at your circumstances very closely, and may need to ask you some personal questions about your financial situation. This is because we need to make sure Discretionary Housing Payments and Exceptional Hardship Fund awards go to those people who need them most.

Any award made from the Discretionary Housing Payments fund should be viewed as short-term emergency assistance as the award will be made for a limited period of time or as a one off. Deposit and rent in advance payments will only be made if the new property is affordable and you will not need assistance from the fund towards your new rent liability unless circumstances change. An ongoing award is intended to give you an opportunity to sort out your financial situation and/or find more affordable alternative accommodation. We may advise you if we think that you need to move to cheaper accommodation. Our Housing Officers will be able to offer you advice and possibly financial assistance with this. If you choose not to move or accept their advice, we probably will not make any further awards to you.

Any award from the Council Tax Support Exceptional Hardship Fund will reduce the remaining Council Tax Liability for a specific period. The duration and amount of reduction will be dependent on the specific circumstances of each applicant and each decision will be decided on its own merits.

If you would like to make an application for Discretionary Housing Payments and/or an Exceptional Hardship Fund award please complete this form as fully as possible

Printable DHP/EHF Application Form

Your contact details

Preferred method of contact: *

Your Rent

Your Council Tax

Your financial circumstances

Please provide details of capital held by you or any members of the household

If you are asking for help with rent in advance or a deposit, we will need to see up to date statements and proof of your current balance

Your income

Please ensure that all income are included for all members of your household. It is important that you do not miss anything out. You may be asked to provide proof of some items.

Your Outgoings

Please take some time to complete this section of the form carefully. It is important that you do not miss anything out as we need a full picture of your finances. We may ask you to provide proof of some items.

Other information

I / we declare that the information provided on this form is correct and complete.

I / we undertake to notify the Council promptly of all changes of circumstances which might affect benefit payments after this form has been completed. I / we understand that if incorrect information is supplied or fail to notify the Council of a change in circumstances and Discretionary Housing Payments or Exceptional Hardship Fund payments are paid as a result, action including prosecution may be taken against me, and Torbay Council will seek to recover any overpayments.

I /we authorise the Council to make necessary enquiries to verify the information on this form, this may include an interview or home visit.

Data Protection

Information collected and processed by Torbay Council complies and is stored in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act, 1998. The information you have provided will be used and shared only for the purpose for which its collected. The information will not be shared with third parties however in certain circumstances we may need to disclose information to third parties such as the police/DWP as required by applicable legislation or for the prevention and detection of crime. For further information regarding personal data that Torbay Council may hold on you and how to access it visit