There are two types of charitable collections – house to house collections and street collections. Please use this form to help you find the information you want or to send your question to the council if you need further assistance. If you require further information, you may find the following website useful Institute of Fundraising.

Collections for non Torbay based charities can only take place on Saturdays between April and September, unless they are for an individual.

If you intend to collect in an outside area to which the public has access and from which they cannot be excluded by, for example, closing a gate or door, you must obtain a Street Collection Permit from the Council. It is Torbay Council policy to not have more than one charity collecting at any one location at any one time.

Street and Trading Licences.

If you intend to visit a number of houses or other premises in the course of your collection, you will be required to obtain a House to House Collection Permit.  This is usually obtained from the Council although certain larger charities have permission form the Home Office to collect.  It will be necessary, once permission has been granted, to obtain Collectors Badges from The Stationery Office and comply with a number of other conditions.

If you wish to apply for a permit from Torbay Council to make a collection, you must apply at least 28 days before you plan to start the collection. Please use the following link to apply online Apply for a Charity Collection permit .

Once the collections have taken place, you will need to complete a return showing how much has been collected and how the monies have been allocated Please use the following link to complete the return online Complete a return for a Charity Collection.