This quiz, on its own, can’t reveal if you’re in an abusive, or controlling, relationship. Only you can decide whether your relationship is healthy or not. What it can do is help you to take a bit of time to think about yourself and how someone close to you might be treating you.

If you are experiencing any of the behaviours highlighted in the questions, ask yourself: Are you OK? If you’re not and you think you’re being hurt mentally or physically by someone, help and support is available.

Do they constantly want to know where you are or not let you go out alone?
Do they phone or text you all the time and are jealous of who you are with?
Do they tell you what you should wear?
Do they make fun of you in front of other people and make you feel small?
Do they tell you that you’re useless or that no-one else would want you?
Do they accuse you of lying?

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